MHK Musician Mashup Competition

June 13, 2014 @ 9:00 pm
Aggie Central Station
1115 Moro St
Manhattan, KS, 66502
United States

We’ve talked about it for months, now it’s here!

The MHK Musician Mashup will take willing members from the MHK music scene and mix them up, forming new groups tasked with three objectives:

1) Create a name for the new band.
2) Create one original song, and choose one cover.
3) Create a single piece of merchandise promoting the new band (t-shirt, underwear, coozie, sticker, etc).

They will have two weeks to do all this.

On Wednesday May 28th, we will draw out names to create 3-4 member bands. Once the new bands are created, they have until June 13th at 7pm to get all their stuff ready.

Then each band will take the stage in turn!

The winner(s) will be decided by both popular vote and judging from local entertainment fiends. There will be a winner for each category (best name, performance, and merch) of $50 each and an overall grand prize of $500!

The judges for the MHK Musician Mashup will be:

- Sarah Sue from Sisters of Sound Records.
- Shawn Rock from 1015 KROCK.
- And Carl Stunkel, because he’s awesome.

Now you know who to bribe!

The merch created by the bands will be raffled off to the audience and the proceeds donated to Four Paws Rescue of Kansas!

Credit to Pol for giving us the idea.

Sponsored by Sisters Of Sound Records!

Your bands:

The bands for the MHK Musician Mashup Competition:
1: Dustin Sidhion Kucerik, David Spiker, Tammi Coley Paolilli, Ryan Garrick Vincent Waldrip, Noah Schmidt.
2: Jacob Nyswonger, Mallory Rathburn, Thad Reist, Alex Good, Cody Ernst.
3: Bondy Valdovinos-Kaye, Kacie Mallon, Mike Herman, Nick Reiter, Brian Nelson.
4: Justin Trowbridge, Caleb Bowers, Eric Savage, Caleb Loop, Stephen Keith.
5: Laurie Shelton, Ashalen Sims, Brad Hodge, Daniel Myers-Bowman.
6: Blain Bettencourt, Betsy Baddeley, Michael Anderson, Nat Snyder.
7: Ryan L. McCants, Evan Tuttle, Eddy Green, Cody Brummett, Faye O’Reilly.

Emails with contact info and guidelines will got out tomorrow. Come to ACS on June 13th to see what these awesome new bands come up with!



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