World AIDS Day Remount of Sex Ed: What Wasn’t Covered

December 1, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Purple Masque Theatre

This is the last and final show of Sex Ed: What Wasn’t Covered! In honor of World AIDS Day, the cast and crew has gladly decided to remount this production! If you haven’t seen it or would like to see it again, we encourage you to do so! Guest speaker, Don Carrell, a very important member of the Manhattan community will be guest speaking afterwards and discussing his struggles and triumphs as a gay man with HIV. Check out his website and book at :

About the show:
The play revolves around non-heterosexuals, above the age of 18, from varying states around the U.S., who have been anonymously interviewed regarding their sexual education experience and how they became educated in their current safe-sex knowledge. Highlighted, are specific stories regarding these instances, capturing feelings that arise when discussing their own sexual experiences. The transcriptions of the interviews, copied verbatim, were formulated into a play. The goal is to raise awareness between heterosexual safe-sex practices and non-heterosexual safe sex practices within the school sexual education systems.

The show is FREE, however, ALL donations collected will go to AIDS Research :)



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