Guy builds biggest fart machine ever to fart at France! (video)

Colin Furze wants to build a giant butt and fart at France from Dover. That’s why he has built the biggest valveless pulse jet machine ever—these engines powered the Nazi V-1 bombs that terrified London during WW2 making an infernal noise that sounds like a furious fart from hell.

Now that the engine is done he’s actually going to build a gigantic butt, install the machine in its anus, put the whole thing on the cliffs of Dover, point it at France, and fart on July 24—around 6-7pm local time.

Here he is building the butt.

Tool members says lawsuits are the reason for new album delay

Tool members Adam Jones and Danny Carey blame a lawsuit for the delay of their next album.

The band is being sued by a former associate who claims he never got credited when the band used his artwork for a project. Tool then got sued by an insurance company that they hired to help them deal with the first lawsuit.

The insurance company is suing over technicalities for the case.

Tool have since counter-sued the company and the case should be going to trial in January.

When it comes to music, Carey hopes to have the new album recorded by the end of the year. He said the band has enough ideas for a full length album and are close to finishing a new song that is about 10 minutes long.

OUR HERO: Dad Fighting Cancer Made Video to “Eye of the Tiger” (VIDEO)

A father fighting pancreatic cancer made an “Eye of the Tiger” video…. to inspire others,.

Darren Mullery (of Ireland) also did it “for his daughter to see when she’s older how brave her dad is and how he put up a fight to beat this disease.”

The 39-year-old man was diagnosed in August 2013, and he and his wife had their first child in December.

He’s our hero!

Tween Headbangers Score HUGE Record Deal

The pint-sized heavy metal musicians who became a huge hit at Coachella have just signed a record contract that will make them the richest kids on their block.

The band — Unlocking the Truth — formed when the kids were just 10 and 11.

They were so good they were quickly booked on Amateur Night at the Apollo.

But they hit it big at the ripe old ages of 12 and 13 when they became the youngest group ever to perform on the main stage at Coachella.

Under the contract, they’ll get the following advances:

— $60,000 for the first album
— $325,000 for the second
— $400,000 for the third
— $450K for the fourth
— $550K for the fifth

If they sell enough records they’ll also get royalties.