EFFED UP HEADLINE: Guy Convicted of Assault on Roommate Who Drew a Penis on His Face (mugshot)

A Virginia man has been convicted of assault and battery for beating up his roommate after the roommate drew a penis on his face while he slept.

The man and his two roommates were out drinking before they came home and the man fell asleep on the couch.

The victim decided to prank him by drawing a penis on his face with a black dry erase marker, and when he woke up he repeatedly punched the victim in the face.

As a result of the assault, the victim suffered a broken nose, an eye that was swollen shut and other facial injuries.

Penis Face was sentenced to a $1,250 fine on the misdemeanor charge, but received no additional jail time.

Luke Hauserman From Clay Center, KS Meets John Cena Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Tuesday, April 29th is World Make-A-Wish Day.

Luke A. Hauserman from Clay Center was diagnosed with ALL~Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on August 28th, 2013 at just seven years old. His dream to meet pro wrestler John Cena came true Monday night in St. Louis at Monday Night Raw.

John Cena has “granted more wishes” than any other celebrity at 404 wishes and is the most requested celebrity for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Luke got to participate with two other Make-A-Wish kids.

We think Luke is tops and are thrilled that he had his wish granted. Keep kicking butt, Luke! Check out his “Pray for Luke” page to stay up to date with his fight.