EFFED HEADLINE: Man Found a Dead Rat in Cake He Bought for His 96th Birthday (VIDEO)

A 96-year-old man wanted a slice of his favorite German apple ring cake from his local supermarket on his birthday.

But what the New Yorker got instead was a severe case of diarrhea after allegedly biting into a dead rat.

The man’s nephew said his uncle complained about the taste after downing one spoonful of the store-baked cake.

He said he noticed what looked like a line of black mold and when they flipped it over, it seemed to be a rat’s tail.

That’s when they saw the rodent’s five-inch-long tail still attached to its hindquarters ‘bleeding into the cake’.

The nephew contacted an attorney who plans to turn the cake over to state officials for testing, while they consider whether or not to file a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, a rep for the store says that they have no known rodent issues and they are conducting an ‘internal investigation’.

Rock Doc “Super Duper Alice Cooper” Looks Fantastic (Video)

Take these ingredients: Sex, alcohol, women, rock and roll and add a giant dose of Alice Cooper and you get “Super Duper Alice Cooper”!
Alice Cooper’s life story is getting ready to be released on the big screen and it looks amazing.
It will hit the Tribeca Film Festival in April. We can’t wait for the DVD! Get ready for it:

VIDEO: Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Believes President Obama Is A Dictator Who Uses Miley Cyrus And Kanye West

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says President Obama’s secret agenda is to become a tyrannical dictator with the help of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

The band’s new “Spike in My Veins” video is filled with clips of Miley and other pop stars.

Davis says: “I think that our government uses those people to detract from what’s really going on. The thing with the whole Miley Cyrus stuff at the VMAs, when that went down Obama passed a law that made him basically a dictator. He can imprison whoever he wants. He doesn’t have to charge them, he can hold them as long as he wants.”

Davis is referring to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which President Obama signed into law in late December of 2013; and Miley’s’ infamous VMA performance occurred in August.