Avenged Sevenfold Release “This Is Bat Country” Trailer

Avenged Sevenfold released a teaser trailer for their upcoming DVD, “This Is Bat Country.”

Lead singer M. Shadows said the DVD will feature footage from the band’s shows around the globe over the past five years. Shadows said they would be filming some of their bigger shows including one in Mexico City.

The band’s last studio album was 2013’s “Hail To The King” which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard chart.

Study: Nickelback Lyrics More Intelligent Than Foo Fighters


A new study showed Nickelback has more intelligent lyrics than other popular rock bands including the Foo Fighters and Linkin Park.

The study looked at the Flesch-Kincaid Index which determines reading difficulty. Song lyrics were put into the index and given an average grade level.

Nickelback had the highest rating out of seven rock acts with a score of 3.3. The next six bands were Linkin Park (3.2), Seether (2.78), Foo Fighters (2.62), Three Days Grace (2.46), Shinedown (2.38) and Avenged Sevenfold (2.25).

Three Days Grace’s song “The Good Life” had the lowest grade level of all the songs tested with 0.8.

The highest ranking number one song from the past 10 years was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California” with a level of 5.5.

David Lee Roth: No Van Hagar Material on Tour

David Lee Roth said Van Halen won’t perform any of the Sammy Hagar era material.

He said there is a credibility issue with the Hagar material. Roth said that’s why the Sammy era albums sold half as well as his.

Roth said, “this hamburger don’t need no helper, ain’t no rehearsing pants in my closet.”

When it comes to new music, Roth doesn’t want to wait 10 years to release another album. He admitted everyone in the band has different work ethics and he spent the last two years living in Japan.

Lullaby Versions of Rob Zombie and Motorhead in Latest Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar Albums

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has released lullaby versions of Rob Zombie and Motorhead songs. Each album will feature six songs.

Zombie’s songs include “Superbeast,” Thunderkiss 65” and “Living Dead Girl.” “Dragula” is currently streaming on YouTube.

Motorhead’s songs include “Overkill” and “Iron Fist.” “Ace Of Spades” is currently streaming on YouTube.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has released 135 albums featuring songs by pop, rock and metal musicians.

This week’s Viral Teeth Pulling Vids

A boy from Montana decided to film himself yanking a loose tooth by attaching it to an arrow, and firing it from his bow.

I’m not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot sticking its head in his mouth . . . and pulling out a LOOSE TOOTH.  According to the YouTube description, it’s the fifth one it’s pulled.

All I know is that when I lost teeth, it was way less coo. With a lot more crying and my mom yelling at me. – Dan

102 Year Old Tries To Blow Out Candles, Blows Out Something Else Instead

A woman in Connecticut named Louise Bonito celebrated her 102nd birthday on Sunday.  And when she tried to blow her candles out, she spit out her DENTURES instead.  They landed on the table, and she cracked up.

She did an interview about it later, and said she wasn’t embarrassed.  She was just happy to give her grandkids a good laugh.

Japanese Game Show Does Nasty Cockroach Stunt

A 12-second clip from a game show in Japan is all over Facebook right now.  It’s two women on opposite ends of a clear, plastic tube that has a COCKROACH in the middle of it.  And they’re trying to blow it into the other person’s MOUTH.



We won’t tell you who wins . . . but the loser probably didn’t have to eat lunch that day.