Cue the Tears: Soldier Adopts Dog Who Saved His Life

Grab a tissue.  Meet Layka.  She was a combat dog in the military and got shot by an AK-47 four times at point blank range. After 7 grueling hours of surgery and a leg amputation, she survived.  Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald went far out of his way to adopt her afterwards.  Thanks to National Geographic for this heartwarming viral video.

It’s Official: Axl Rose = World’s Greatest Singer

Axl Rose is leading a new list that ranks the vocal ranges of some of the world’s most well-known singers. made note of the highest and lowest notes a number of artists hit in the recording studio, and the data shows that the Guns N’ Roses frontman has an impressive range of a little more than five octaves.

It doesn’t come close to the world record of ten octaves, but it does put Axl ahead of Mariah Carey.  The R&B diva, however, easily hits the highest note of any other singer on the list, while Rose hits the lowest.  The rest of the top five after Axl and Mariah includes Prince, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and James Brown.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke comes in at number ten, while the gravely-voiced Tom Waits surprisingly beats out the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Adele.  The full list and the songs at each end of the singer’s range are available to browse at

Top Ten Vocal Ranges:

1. Axl Rose
2. Mariah Carey
3. Prince
4. Steven Tyler
5. James Brown
6. Marvin Gaye
7. Christina Aguilera
8. David Bowie
9. Paul McCartney
10. Thom Yorke


How does one accurately gauge the talent of a singer? Unfortunately, there’s no pH test or special scanner to help separate the true songbirds from those that should maybe become adrummer or guitar tech. However, there is one way to determine a very basic idea of any singer’s inherent talent and potential: examine their vocal range. Now, Concert Hotels have put together a handy-dandy chart comparing the ranges of the world’s most well-known singers. The results are possibly more shocking than this guy.

So, just who has the best vocal range, and thus, at least technically speaking, is music’s greatest singer? Why none other than Axl Rose, who has an insane range of five octaves. (For comparison, the world record holder, a man named Tim Storms, has a range of 10 octaves.) Rose beats out a truly jam-packed top five that includes Mariah CareyPrince,Steven Tyler, and James Brown. I should have seen this coming the first time I heard“Welcome To The Jungle”.

Perhaps more interesting, though, are who comprise the bottom five. Country singer Luke Bryan may have the smallest range, but he’s joined by some A-listers like Justin Bieber,Taylor SwiftSam Cooke, and Karen Carpenter, who aren’t all that far behind. In fact, the iconic Cooke and the tween-worshipped Bieber actually have near-identical ranges, as do Swift and Carpenter. I guess it just goes to show it’s what you do with what you’re given rather than what you’ve actually got in the first place.

Other interesting tidbits gleaned from the chart:

– Despite sounding like he gargles gravel every morning, Tom Waits has a wider vocal range than the likes of Cooke, Swift, Stevie Nicks, and Björk.

– Eminem and Lou Reed have the same exact vocal range, D2-F5. Coincidence?

– Despite her status as a vocal powerhouse, Aretha Franklin only ranks in at #37 on the list. In fact, she’s beaten out by the likes of Kurt CobainMiley CyrusBonoBruce Springsteen, and even Thom Yorke. In fact, Yorke ranks among the top 10, with a total range of four octaves.

– There’s plenty of names on the list you wouldn’t expect to have such a noteworthy range:Johnny CashNeil YoungJohn Fogerty, and Rod Stewart.

DIY Wolverine Claws Are Pretty Rad

Okay, so they don’t come out of your skin and this guy definitely doesn’t have Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton, but holy Hell!  This is amazing.  Pretty sure he’s clinically insane and shouldn’t be using those without supervision.  Somebody better keep some heavy magnets handy.

Lion Snags Lunch in Amazing Mid-Air Attack

Okay, if you can’t handle watching nature play out in front of you, you may want to skip this video.  But, if you want to see some animal kingdom carnage, holy balls.  This lion could have a promising career in the NFL with a pick like that.

101 Top 5: Worst Coverbands

We’ve all seen some pretty terrible cover bands before, but these stick out:

5. By The Way

his clip, which features a high school band rushing through a sloppy version of the Chili Peppers’ ‘By the Way,’ is a sight to behold. The drummer can hold the beat down, the bassist actually has a little bit of a funk thing going on, the guitarist is tuned up and capable, and the frontman — well, he certainly is energetic. Perhaps he has a little too much energy as sings off key and hops around the stage, doing his best Anthony Kiedis dance moves and generally looking silly. In fairness to him, he’s singing in a foreign language, and Kiedis himself isn’t known for his pitch-perfect vocals. That still doesn’t make things right.

4. Enter Sandman

Why does it always have to be ‘Enter Sandman?’ Couldn’t some band massacre ‘Creeping Death,’ ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls?’ or ‘Master of Puppets’ — ‘Master’ would be so easy to mess up. The guitarist isn’t half bad on the intro, but when the synths (synths on a Metallica song?!) come in totally off key, it’s already beyond saving. By the time he starts singing, it’s off to never-never land, indeed.

3. Holy Diver

It takes a while for this Dio cover band to get going, but once they do … actually, they never really do get going. It takes forever for this Swedish two-piece to actually get on the stage and another eternity to tune up … and for what? To stand around, fumble uncomfortably with their instruments and attempt to play the song a handful of times, all for naught. At least the crowd seems to be laughing with them, not at them.

2. Toxicity

Let’s rank what we see on stage in terms of effectiveness, from most to least, shall we? 1. The drummer 2. The bassist. 3. The guitarist 4. The American flag 5. The singer. It’s certainly not easy playing the challenging music of this SOAD song, and this band does a halfway decent job –- until the singer comes in. On second thought, maybe the flag should rank higher.

1. We’re Not Even Sure (Run To The Hills/Walk?)

Well this is a train wreck.  Where is the guitar?!  At least there’s a pit.  Plus for the group vocals.  Big negative for forcing a bunch of innocent kids to watch it.

Bonus: Comfortably Numb