Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

Go to Instagram right now and I’ll bet you’ll find at least 2-3 “Starbucks spelled my name wrong” photos after just a few minutes.

Name misspelling is a common complaint among Starbucks drinkers — yet they have no issue paying $5 for a coffee. How could so many seemingly intelligent people screw up simple names like Don, Mike and Jennifer?

Now we’ve finally got our answer.

Here’s a Starbucks employee explaining exactly why baristas often spell names wrong.

Why Road Work Takes so Long

Everyone is always annoyed at how long road work takes.  Above is a viral video of a very popular trick that many road workers around the country like to try.  It will not make you happy if you are always pissed about road construction.

Dog Dressed as a Spider Will Scare the Kibble Out of You


What’s more terrifying than a hairy, eight-legged monster creeping toward you? A massive, hairy, eight-legged monster running toward you. That’s what.

In this video, presented by Polish prankster SA Wardega, passersby are faced with their worst nightmare as a gargantuan spider terrifies them in the street.

But those who live to tell the tale of the giant spider will tell you not everything is what it seems: The spider is actually a dog trussed up as a monstrous arachnid.

It’s still scary at first glance, though. It might even make a killer Halloween costume for your pet.

Watch This Dog Bolt To the Sea

Walter the dog loves the ocean.  If you can’t see that from this video – you my friend, are blind.

If this video wasn’t already great enough, somebody made THIS:

How fun would it be to drive a dog? THAT much fun.

This Lion Mauling a Woman is Horrifying

She’s lucky to be alive.  She says she was told the lion was very docile.  I just hope the person who told her that wasn’t being super sarcastic, because some people are idiots and don’t understand sarcasm. Also, this is why you should only get small cats that can’t drag you around like a damn doll.

Worst Music Video Ever?

This could be one of those old viral “Worst Music Video Ever” uploads on YouTube that I somehow missed. I couldn’t find any mirrors on YouTube, so I’m going to assume that this is new. Whatever the case may be, Wally World (the band’s name, not to be confused with “Walley World,” the theme park destination of the Griswold family in National Lampoon’s Vacation or the Wally World trailer park campsite) is serving up an epic hard rock shit sandwich.

What happened to them immediately before this was shot? What did they take? Lithium?

Make sure you check out the youtube comments.  Gold.

Courtney Love Chews Out Beer Throwing Concert Goer

Courtney Love cussed at a fan who threw a beer at her while she was playing in Australia.

Love shouted, “In 20 years no one’s thrown a beer can at me, except for you, f*****. Your weenie must be this f—ing big,” she added, pinching her fingers together. “You wanna f****** f*** me up? Do not do that again.”

The fans applauded and cheered her on….