Bus Explodes on Live TV

A bus carrying 47 people caught fire on the side of a highway near Newton, Massachusetts yesterday . . . then EXPLODED on live TV. The actual bus stayed intact, but the explosion blew out all the windows.

Luckily everyone was out by then, so no one got hurt.

And now… People Who Have Sex With Cars


Our first carf%#@er has high-end tastes. He likes a car with elegant features; one that has been maintained with the utmost care, painstakingly crafted by the top auto engineers over years. Can we blame him? No way. You saw the way that car was dressed with its leather top and those huge… headlights. It was pretty much asking for it.

Our second carf%#@er does not share those same high-end tastes. He likes a car that’s fast and loose. One that’s seen every drive-thru in town. One thing is for sure, though: He does not care if anyone watches him express his love for this budget buggy. Can we blame him? No way. Look at the size of that hatchback!

Note: Both of these videos are best enjoyed with this playing in the background.

Godsmack Teams Up With US Military For Video Release

Godsmack is doing a campaign with the U.S. military for their new single, “What’s Next?”

The campaign will be about raising awareness to help out homeless veterans and military members who suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.)

Godsmack’s music was used for six years in recruiting videos for the Navy.

“What’s Next?” is on the band’s latest album, “1000hp” which came out last August.


Former Three Days Grace Frontman Adam Gontier Forms Group With Staind, Finger Eleven Players

Former Three Days Grace lead singer Adam Gontier teamed up with Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe and bassist Corey Lowery to form the supergroup Saint Asonia.

The lineup hasn’t been confirmed but a 38 second trailer featuring Mushok and Gontier was released. The clip hints at something arriving on May 16th, possibly a single.

The video states the group has combined for 25 top 10 rock singles and 17 number one hit songs.

Gontier left Three Days Grace in 2012 while Staind hasn’t released an album since 2011.


City Councilman Went To the Bathroom and Forgot to Turn Off His Mic

A city council member in Georgetown, Texas left to use the bathroom during a recent meeting, and forgot to turn his MICROPHONE off . . . so you could hear him peeing. And the mayor couldn’t stop laughing about it.

She was in the middle of talking about how deadly antibiotic-resistant diseases are, and how people she knows have been affected by them. So she tried to keep it together . . . and almost did.

But then she heard him flush, and lost it again. The video also shows him walk back in at the end . . . and you never hear him wash his hands.

Video of Grapefruit-Sized Hail Crushing Windshield

The storm chasers of Live Storms Media have seen some serious weather. But the hail storm in Stephenville, Texas on 4/26 was unlike any storm they had experienced. In this dramatic viral video, giant grapefruit or softball sized chunks of ice pelted the storm chasers’ car and literally shattered the windshield.

‘This is the biggest hail I’ve ever seen! I’m covered in glass!’ Sorry, but Twitter can’t save you.

Black Sabbath Announce 2016 Farewell Tour

Ozzy Osbourne announced Black Sabbath will begin their farewell tour in 2016. Ozzy hasn’t released any details on the final tour at this time and admitted things could change.

Ozzy is doing several solo shows this year and will continue his solo career when Sabbath calls it quits. The band also wants to do one more studio album.