Dude Nails Robin Williams Impression in Viral Roundup for 4/15/15


A video of a guy impersonating Robin Williams is making the rounds online.  He does 20 different characters, including Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire, and they’re all spot on.  He also kind of looks like him.

Someone posted a video of a toy phone that plays animal noises when you dial different numbers.  And maybe someone at the company that made it doesn’t like cops . . . because when you dial 911, a PIG answers.

We always thought those Buckingham Palace guards weren’t really human. This one falling on his bum in front of hundreds of tourists proves they’re human, after all. This guy should invest in a pair of those black, rubber-soled shoes you have to wear for fast food. Or, maybe just go apply for a fast food job because there’s no chance he’s guarding the palace anymore. Assuming he hasn’t been executed.

Viral Roundup Friday (videos) 4/10/15

Drunk woman abandons car on highway 

Around two in the morning yesterday, a woman in her 20’s broke down in the middle of a busy highway in San Diego.  So she got out of her car, and started stumbling down the highway looking for someone with jumper cables.  Apparently she’d been drinking.

A local reporter happened to see her, and started shooting video . . . the woman got out of her car with her pants unbuttoned, didn’t put her hazards on, then ignored the reporter when he told her to get off the road.

Meanwhile, other people pulled over and tried to warn drivers . . . but the girl just got back in her car and sat there.  So the reporter started screaming that it wasn’t a safe place to be . . . but she ignored him.  Luckily no one was hurt.

Police eventually showed up and arrested her for DUI.

Game of Thrones fans will love this! This is the uncensored – Key & Peele – “Game of Thrones” Recap. You know you do this

Sadie is a 6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. She loves learning new tricks and recently learned to play the piano.

Bike Night


Grand Slam: Marilyn Manson Punched in Denny’s Altercation


Marilyn Manson was reportedly punched in the face at a Denny’s in Alberta, Canada, on Sunday.

Manson got into an argument with another table after calling a man’s girlfriend a bitch.

No charges have been filed and Manson’s camp hasn’t commented on the situation.

Manson is currently on the spring leg of his “Hell Not Hallelujah” tour which ends May 13th.

On another note, what the hell does Marilyn Manson order at Denny’s? Probably the Moons Over My Hammy.

Twisted Sister Announce Tribute Show For AJ Pero

Twisted Sister announced a tribute show for their late drummer A.J. Pero. The concert will take place June 13th at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Pero passed away on March 20th after suffering a heart attack while on tour with Adrenaline Mob.

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French said the band is discussing their short and long term plans.

Father of Late GWAR Singer Files $1 Million Suit Against Band

The father of late Gwar frontman David Brockie claims the band stole the cremated remains of his son and won’t return them. He was given a small amount of ashes in a plastic bag.

He also claims the band set up a charitable fund in Brockie’s name and selling merchandise using the late lead singer’s likeness without permission.

His father’s $1 million suit against the band also claims the band stole his bass guitars, artwork, tour souvenirs, a gold record and more. He also said the band tried to take away his control of his son’s estate.

Gwar says allegations are false 

Gwar has denied stealing the ashes….. because that’s what he would have wanted.

Brockie didn’t leave a will which has caused arguments between the band and his father over who owns the rights to the late singer’s likeness.

Money that was raised through his likeness was given to a charitable arts foundation.

The band said Brockie wanted some of his ashes to be spread throughout Richmond, Virginia so he could keep an eye on the band.