Shoplifter Crawled Through Vents, Dropped From Ceiling in Daring Walmart Escape


A guy shoplifted some shoes, a hat, a watch, and some underwear from a Walmart in Mobile, Alabama last week.  And maybe he had prior arrests or something . . . because he turned into SPIDER-MAN to avoid being arrested.

A security guard caught him in the act, and locked him in an office until the cops got there.  At least . . . that was the plan.

The guy managed to climb into the air vents . . . crawled 20 feet . . . kicked out the ceiling tiles . . . dropped down onto the door frame of the front entrance . . . jumped to the ground . . . avoided at least a dozen people trying to catch him . . . and ran away.

A guy named Brannan Lynn was eating at a McDonald’s IN the Walmart . . . now THAT’S America  . . . and managed to get video of it.

The Knockout: A Beerbong Bong


This has to be the quickest way to get messed up on booze and weed. This is ingenuity any college student can get behind! This is also great for a party animal on the go. Chug your beer and get your weed at the SAME TIME! Brilliant!

Group of Men Attack Chuck E. Cheese Staff (VIDEO)


How is it possible that ADULTS behave worse than kids at a Chuck E. Cheese? It’s a child’s palace of anarchy.

A group of people were at Chuck E. Cheese in Parma, Ohio for a kid’s birthday party on Sunday night, and tried to take a photo in the photo booth . . . but it didn’t work.

So one of the women complained to a manager, and he kinda blew her off. That made her upset, and it was ON.

A group of guys from the birthday party followed the manager into the kitchen and started beating him and his staff UP.

Six staff members wound up injured, including two who were SERIOUSLY hurt . . . and all of the guys who attacked them ran away before the cops got there.

The police are using surveillance video to try to identify them and track them down.

Jon Stewart Delivers a (Low) Blow to Seth Rollins on WWE Raw


The Jon Stewart/Seth Rollins feud has really been heating up. It all started with Rollins saying some not-so-nice things about The Daily Show, then with Stewart cutting a promo in return. After that, Rollins actually showed up at The Daily Show and ‘invited’ Jon Stewart to come to Raw when they were in New Jersey.

Not only did Jon Stewart show up, he proceeded to verbally skewer Rollins until Rollins and his friends got in Stewart’s face. Things weren’t looking good for Jon Stewart, as Rollins’ physicality was the only tool left to stop the onslaught of verbal abuse by The Daily Show host. With Rollins distracted by the sudden appearance of Randy Orton, Jon Stewart delivered a low-blow to buy enough time to escape the ring. We’ll see what happens next!