Clowns with sex toys. at a haunted house.


An Illinois woman is suing two men who assaulted her and her daughter with sex toys while they were at a haunted house. 

The woman said two men dressed as clowns were holding a vibrating sex toy and a teddy bear with a vibrator attached to its groin area.

She said the men surrounded her daughter and poked her all over her body including her buttocks. One of the men put the vibrator in his mouth simulating oral sex and asked the girl if she wanted more.

The men were arrested and charged with sexual battery. assault and infliction of emotional distress. She is seeking $50,000 in damages for each charge.

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Silly Scarecrow Prank Will Scare the Pants Off You

It’s so simple, yet so perfect.

While classic pranks have grown increasingly intricate with props such as robotic devil children, this clip from YouTube jokester edbassmaster brought the prank back to a simpler time.

Edbassmaster surprised his victims, who were just trying to pose for a photo with a silly scarecrow, by revealing a deadly monster beneath the mask. Needless to say, these pics did not turn out as planned.