‘Elders React to Kim Kardashian’s Tush’ [VIDEO]

The people who made sassy grandmas and grandpas watch the 50 Shades of Grey trailer have done it again. Of course, old people doing new things is never not funny, but this time, the Olds reacting to Kim Kardashian’s famous Paper magazine pictures wins.

“Holy cow,” remarks one old man. “Oh my god.”

Another grandpa says: “I like that one!” There is a general consensus among the grandpas that should they ever meet Kardashian, a closer look at her tush would have to be in order.

Though one old lady decides she wouldn’t drink the champagne that Kim is serving, she likes the statement of it all: “I love the fact that she’s proud of her body. I think that’s wonderful.”

Watch the video above.

Eat the Muffin

No! Just, no. It could be worse, I guess. You could be eating spoiled cheese that smells like feet, or pouring sour milk over your Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  You could take a drink from a can of pop that people have ashed their smokes in.  You could do so many things that are worse.  But doing this in front of the ladies isn’t going to get you laid.  Either way, sweet soundtrack on this vid.

Longest In-Grown Hair EVER

Maybe not EVER, but damn. You know you want to watch this. You want to compare it to your own ingrown hairs. Or, just feel better about yourself for not having this monstrosity in your face. Gross.

Video: The Science of Being Santa

Having trouble believing in Santa Claus? Well, Buzzfeed has explained how it’s scientifically possible for Santa to do what he does. Also, he’s WAY WORSE than the NSA when it comes to respecting our privacy. Damn, Santa. Maybe you should get a lump of coal.

Video: Christmas Classics by Angry Bears Fan

A recent YouTube video by Phil Guay puts a hilarious twist on popular Christmas carols, as sung by a “Very Angry Bears Fan.”

The video was uploaded Sunday, the day before the Bears lost yet again, this time at home at the hands of the New Orleans Saints.

“As fans we wear our Bears apparel/fail fail fail, fail fail fail fail, fail fail fail…”

The Bears sit at 5-9, last in the NFC North division. That record also assures them a losing season this year.

Viral: Dog Thinks He is People

We’d say our pets are just like humans, but honestly, we know they’d take offense. (You know the drill: It’s our dogs’ world, and we’re just living in it.) Seriously though, we treat them like humans, it only seems natural that they would take on some of our characteristics. Next thing you know, the dog will be typing politically incorrect comments on news stories and blaming the government for its problems. Sad, really.

Still, we can’t help but notice that this talented canine, recorded by YouTube user JoMaJe1527, walks and dresses and delights just like a person.