‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’ Campaign Pulled in South Dakota [VIDEO]

Jerking isn’t a joke and they know it.

Unfortunately for the South Dakota office of Highway Safety, some people think their new safe-driving campaign around the slogan “don’t jerk and drive” was a bad idea.

The ad campaign, intended to keep people from over correcting and jerking their steering wheels in icy conditions, struck some as offensive because of its allusion to masturbation.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Zf63cxtJV_U” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

This Is What Happens When a Kid Mistakes an Electric Razor for a Comb [VIDEO]

This kid is the definition of YOLO. He’s also the definition of DGAF. Basically, this kid represents any acronym the cool kids are using to describe an individual who just doesn’t care about a situation that could potentially cause them distress.

This little boy is being filmed by a person we presume to be his mother as he is “combing” his hair. At least, that’s what he thinks he’s doing. He doesn’t seem to notice that this comb is actually removing his hair altogether instead of just removing tangles. But as you can see in the video, he’s all right with his new bald patches. He is owning them.

A Guy Got Stuck in an Elevator with a Crazy Dude And Got It All On Video

Being stuck in an elevator is bad enough. But imagine getting trapped with a stranger named Jesus who might also be NUTS. Some guy posted a series of videos on YouTube after it happened to him recently.

He also hit the emergency alarm button for five minutes straight, freaked out at the woman on the intercom, and started randomly singing “Enter Sandman” and “Rump Shaker”.


Girlfriend Pepper Sprays Toilet Paper as Revenge

A woman supposedly sick of being pranked by her boyfriend has got her own back by pepper spraying his toilet paper, then filming his reaction.

She offers ice cubs to ease the pain. When his suffering then becomes worse, the woman admits she pepper sprayed them too.

The man eventually stumbles to the shower where he douses himself with the detachable shower head while fully clothed.


Little Kid Turns NYC Subway Station Into a Grateful Dead Shakedown Party [VIDEO]

A NYC band, that busks by the L Train stop at Bedford Avenue, have been making a name for themselves amongst late night commuters. When they went into a cover of the Grateful Dead’s ‘Me and My Uncle,’ one little girl channeled her inner Deadhead hard. This noodle dancing kid inspired others on the train to start shaking it with no cares in the world. It seems cool, but parents be forewarned, this is the same way Courtney Love was raised.

Magician Gets Out of Speeding Ticket With Rubik’s Cube Trickery


There really aren’t many reasons to become a magician these days other than cheap living room entertainment. You definitely can’t score women with your magic. Though there might be one of those awful double standards where if you’re a girl it’d help you pick up a dude. That’s besides the point, because there’s totally a legit use for magic in 2014. Getting out of speeding tickets!

“For my next trick, I will make these charges disappear!”