Harvard Students Invent Spray Cake Batter

Two students at Harvard invented spray cake batter.

The two came up with the cake batter in a spray can for a class project. It comes out of the can pre-risen, so it bakes in less time and is microwavable.

They also say it’s organic and has less chemicals than traditional box cakes.

The two have already found a seller and now they are looking for a local manufacturer so they can start selling it at stores.


OUR HERO: Dad Fighting Cancer Made Video to “Eye of the Tiger” (VIDEO)

A father fighting pancreatic cancer made an “Eye of the Tiger” video…. to inspire others,.

Darren Mullery (of Ireland) also did it “for his daughter to see when she’s older how brave her dad is and how he put up a fight to beat this disease.”

The 39-year-old man was diagnosed in August 2013, and he and his wife had their first child in December.

He’s our hero!

Ventriloquist Uses Puppet For Sex

A 26-year-old ventriloquist who said she lives in the Pacific Northwest is gaining popularity online by having sex with her puppet, Slappy.

The former stripper said she would only get 10 to 20 people to watch her sex show online but since having sex with the puppet, her “room” now has hundreds of people watching.

She first used Slappy to keep herself inspired during her sex shows but decided to start having sex with him to gain popularity. She said their role play sex includes the doll dressed as Willy Wonka while she dresses up as an oompa loompa.

They even have a freaky Friday routine where she dresses like Slappy while the doll wears her clothes.

She admits having Slappy as part of her shows is a way for her to practice to become a better ventriloquist.