NSFW: Fetish Fitness Dominatrix Beats Clients Into Working Out

Who says working out has to be a boring chore?  Why can’t it be a highly erotic fetish?  Whatever floats your boat.

Mistress Anna started the business two years ago when she decided to combine her two loves.  What does she make her clients do?  Well, normal stuff like squats and lunges – but with weights attached to their dongs!  Yikes.


After a fan at a Pearl Jam show in Stockholm threw her shoe on stage for Eddie Vedder to sign, she got a different outcome. Before throwing her shoe back to her, Eddie filled it up with wine and drank it from the shoe. No doubt it was unforgettable for her, but at the same time, I can’t imagine sweaty concert shoes taste very good!

News Anchor Makes Inappropriate Comments About Co-Anchor’s Bikini

New York News

A New York City morning show reporter delivered a live report in a bikini, and she had to deal the inappropriate comments of an over-excited anchor back in the studio.

45-year-old “Good Morning New York” co-host Greg Kelly got carried away over reporter Anna Gilligan, who was in a bikini to test out a water ride at an amusement park.

He said, ‘Wow, here she goes – in a two-piece!’ as she went in the water, and when she came out dripping wet he said, ‘Look at her, it’s like something out of a movie. Indeed.’

His co-host begged him to ‘stay appropriate,’ but when the reporter tried to sign off to go get dressed he said, ‘Hold on a second, not so fast Anna!’ and asked her pointless questions to hold her there.

His co-host then told him to ‘be nice’ and ‘stop milking this shot,’ even asking him towards the end, “What is wrong with you?”

FYI: Kelly was accused of rape back in 2012, but the case didn’t go anywhere.

Cops Mistake Nickelback Reference for Drug Deal, Arrest Idaho Man [VIDEO]

Two Idaho cops detained a man after mistaking his gripes about Nickelback for an alleged drug deal.

The confrontation caught on video is only five minutes long and doesn’t show the beginning or the end of their interaction, but it captures the moments leading to a deputy pulling his gun on the young men and detaining one of them for reportedly “getting that attitude” and “being an ass—.”

But the two young men allege their conversation was taken out of context and lost in translation because the deputies had just missed a truck leaving the gas station moments prior playing Nickelback at an unfortunate volume.

“No, Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback,” the man holding a cell phone camera defended. “There was no nickel sack involved.”

The two men were released at the gas station without any charges though.

Gun Safety Ad Features Rubber Sex Toys

Please, lock them up and keep the batteries out of them!  Kids could poke their eyes out!

Seriously, though.
Evolve uses humor to talk about gun safety.  Do you think it’s effective?  I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that kids were sword fighting with a couple of Mom’s toys – guns didn’t cross my mind once.