Call Guinness: 84 Meth Labs Found in Single Home

An anonymous tip led to the discovery of 84 meth labs in one West Virginia house. This makes a new state record for most meth labs in one location!  High five!

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Nicholas Grant Cutlip, 50, on Monday night. He has been charged with 21 counts of operating a meth lab.

Wait.  84 labs were found but he’s only being charged with 21 counts?  I’m not methematician, but that doesn’t add up.  Either way, it’s still impressive, as two of the labs were cooking when he got busted.


Prank: Dude Proposes While Skydiving, Drops Ring

A San Diego man who proposed to his girlfriend while they were skydiving dropped the engagement ring.

In reality, the guy pranked his future fiance because the ring he dropped turned out to be fake.

After the couple landed, he grabbed the real ring from his brother. The couple who have been together for 18 months and have 224 combined skydives.

She said yes.

Squirrel Obstacle Course is Nuts

This video by Steve Barley was posted online in 2013, but it has only gone viral now with over a quarter million new views! Steve loves to feed the squirrels in his neighborhood, but he also likes to make it a challenge. So he built three obstacle courses for his furry friends to accomplish before they can enjoy their nuts. So cute!


Greedy: Dude With 10 Inch Peen Bought a Bigger One

A guy with a 10-inch ding dong bought some girth through penoplasty.

Billy-Tom O’Conner admits that now he’s so big a few women have declined sex with him.

’Conner said “I always had a big one and I wanted an absolute monster. I wanted a monster so I got one.” And then he showed his “absolute monster” on live television.