‘SNL’ Short on 90′s Alterative Dudes is Brilliant

Possible genius Kyle Mooney has delivered a few brilliant digital shorts this season, but last night’s was maybe the Good Neighbor’s best since joining SNL. Mooney plays Chris, a high school class presidential hopeful and “alternative” douchebag. Anyone who attended high school between 1997 and 2008 will recognize his particular archetype immediately: JNCO jeans, chin beard, backwards hat. Possibly blaring some “good-ass” tunes.

Dude Tried to Rob Police Station to Get His Skateboard Back


An Oregon man was busted trying to break into jail to get his skateboard back.

He was arrested for shoplifting earlier in the day, and the cops confiscated his board.

He came back that afternoon and tried to break into the station to get it back.

He started tugging on the main door and couldn’t get it to budge, so he put his legs up against the glass for extra leverage and pulled until the handle snapped.

He ended up walking out with the handle still in his hand.

Cops watched the video footage and knew who it was, so they went to his house and arrested him for attempted burglary.

Nude Dude Found in a Tree… On Meth? Maybe.

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

A naked man was found hanging out in a tree, in Alabama.

Cops and firefighters responded to the scene who were able to convince the man to come down after an hour.

Since he didn’t want to climb down, they used a bucket truck to get him.

He told the cops he was cleaning up the tree and wanted to make it his home.

The man was charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct. Cops also said it was drug related, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Police Photo