Video: Cat Hitches Ride On Airplane Wing

A pilot in France recently took off in an ultralight, which basically looks like a cross between an airplane and a hang glider.  And when he was already in the air, he realized there was a CAT hiding in the frame of one of the wings.



Luckily it was able to hang on until he could turn around and land.

Video: Dads Hook Kids Up To Lie Detectors

As a dad, there are some things you just don’t want the answer to.

These fathers learned that the hard way when they hooked up their own kids to lie detectors and exposed them as the lying adolescents they are. The sons and daughters admitted everything from doing drugs to stealing from their parents.

Let’s be honest, though; the dads already knew the answer to 90% of these questions.

Video: Two Guys Who Don’t Know How a Frisbee Works


Frisbees don’t come with instructions, because they don’t need to.  We all know the basic physics of how they work.

But there’s a video of two guys at a beach in Bosnia who apparently didn’t get the memo.  They’re tossing one back and forth overhand, like it’s a baseball, so it flips end-over-end every time and goes about ten feet.

And all those studies say Americans are dumb.