City Councilman Went To the Bathroom and Forgot to Turn Off His Mic

A city council member in Georgetown, Texas left to use the bathroom during a recent meeting, and forgot to turn his MICROPHONE off . . . so you could hear him peeing. And the mayor couldn’t stop laughing about it.

She was in the middle of talking about how deadly antibiotic-resistant diseases are, and how people she knows have been affected by them. So she tried to keep it together . . . and almost did.

But then she heard him flush, and lost it again. The video also shows him walk back in at the end . . . and you never hear him wash his hands.

Video of Grapefruit-Sized Hail Crushing Windshield

The storm chasers of Live Storms Media have seen some serious weather. But the hail storm in Stephenville, Texas on 4/26 was unlike any storm they had experienced. In this dramatic viral video, giant grapefruit or softball sized chunks of ice pelted the storm chasers’ car and literally shattered the windshield.

‘This is the biggest hail I’ve ever seen! I’m covered in glass!’ Sorry, but Twitter can’t save you.

Dude Nails Robin Williams Impression in Viral Roundup for 4/15/15


A video of a guy impersonating Robin Williams is making the rounds online.  He does 20 different characters, including Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire, and they’re all spot on.  He also kind of looks like him.

Someone posted a video of a toy phone that plays animal noises when you dial different numbers.  And maybe someone at the company that made it doesn’t like cops . . . because when you dial 911, a PIG answers.

We always thought those Buckingham Palace guards weren’t really human. This one falling on his bum in front of hundreds of tourists proves they’re human, after all. This guy should invest in a pair of those black, rubber-soled shoes you have to wear for fast food. Or, maybe just go apply for a fast food job because there’s no chance he’s guarding the palace anymore. Assuming he hasn’t been executed.

TRUTH OR DRINK: Grown Kids & Their Parents Swap Sex Questions in Totally Gross & Funny Clip [VIDEO]

Parents and their kids naturally keep somethings secret from each other. Most parents don’t want to tell their kids their embarrassing mistakes and most kids don’t want to hear the ‘adult’ things their parents did in the past. That’s what makes this video by Cut Video so much fun. They took several pairs of kids and their parents and had them ask each other intimate questions. They could either answer it or take a shot.

Viral Roundup Friday (videos) 4/10/15

Drunk woman abandons car on highway 

Around two in the morning yesterday, a woman in her 20’s broke down in the middle of a busy highway in San Diego.  So she got out of her car, and started stumbling down the highway looking for someone with jumper cables.  Apparently she’d been drinking.

A local reporter happened to see her, and started shooting video . . . the woman got out of her car with her pants unbuttoned, didn’t put her hazards on, then ignored the reporter when he told her to get off the road.

Meanwhile, other people pulled over and tried to warn drivers . . . but the girl just got back in her car and sat there.  So the reporter started screaming that it wasn’t a safe place to be . . . but she ignored him.  Luckily no one was hurt.

Police eventually showed up and arrested her for DUI.

Game of Thrones fans will love this! This is the uncensored – Key & Peele – “Game of Thrones” Recap. You know you do this

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