Twerker Falls Out of Car


A six-second Vine video of a girl falling out of a moving car while TWERKING is getting a bunch of hits online.  She’s hanging out of the passenger side door, and apparently she’s actually doing a dance called the “whip”, but it looks just like twerking.

Then the video cuts off right after she falls, but according to a friend she’s okay. Or she died instantly, but they have to say she’s okay in order to post the video. Either way, make sure you’re ready to tuck and roll if you’re twerking out of a moving vehicle.

Video: Guy Almost Gets Creamed by Semi


On Sunday, a guy on the highway near New Brunswick, New Jersey started recording after a semi hit some black ice and crashed right in front of him.  Then he turned around . . . and saw ANOTHER semi lose control, and it was coming right at him.

Luckily, it missed him though, and the people in both trucks were okay.

Here’s Johnny: Dude Chops Through Neighbor’s Door With Machete


54-year-old Twain Thomas was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week . . . for chopping through his neighbor’s door with a MACHETE last February, and trying to KILL him.

Twain had actually kicked the guy’s door in once before, so he bought a gun.  And this time, the neighbor defended himself by shooting him THREE TIMES.  Twain survived though, and a video of him busting through the door is up on YouTube.

Redneck Aussie vs Industrial Air Compressor

An older Australian guy attempts to smoke a cigarette and drink a beer in front of a powerful blast of air from an industrial sized air compressor. What happens next will have you in tears. Or not. Either way, you’re about to see a mortal man go up against a huge piece of machinery. Just watch it.

Billboard for Vag Rejuvenation Angers Local Mom

FOX 13 News

A mom in Florida is upset that there is a billboard for vaginal tightening near her kids’ school.

The ad is for a local cosmetic surgery center which is known for their shocking ads.

The woman is now fighting to have the ad taken down. She filed formal complaints with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the Department of Consumer Services.

Dog Loves Taking Herself to the Park, Rides the Bus


A two-year-old Black Labrador rides a bus, alone, and gets off at a dog park in Seattle.

Passengers said the dog walks down the aisle and sits in a seat just like a person would. The dog’s owner saidEclipse gets impatient if he is taking too long and gets on the bus herself.

He gets on the next bus and Eclipse is waiting for him at the dog park.

He has received several calls from people who believed the dog ran away.