Randy Quaid Has Youtube Meltdown Rant


Troubled actor Randy Quaid ripped media mogul Rupert Murdoch in a video rant, claiming the NewsCorp exec ‘still hasn’t thanked’ him for starring in the 1996 movie “Independence Day”.

In the video, Quaid’s wife Evgina sits on the bed in a bikini while the 64-year-old actor rips Warner Bros and News Corp.

It ends with Evi putting on a Rupert Murdoch mask before Quaid apparently has sex with her. Randy says, ‘You wanna f*** me Rupert? Well, I’m gonna f*** you. Evi, put this on,’ Quaid says to the camera before supposedly getting busy.

The married couple has openly expressed their belief that an evil Hollywood sect wants to kill them.

Quaid is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid and is slated to reprise his role in the next “Independence Day” movie. It would be his first role in at least five years.

Currently, he and his wife are suing US Secretary of State John Kerry to recover their passports which were revoked three years ago after they failed to appear in court for charges of vandalism, fleeing to Canada instead.

Is he crazy? Is he the best method actor we’ve ever known? Is he actually onto something?

NY Cop Pulls Gun on Teens Having SnowBall Fight (NSFW Language)

A cop in New Rochelle, New York pulled his gun on teens who were throwing snowballs.

The cop was called to a snowball fight and video shows him walking from a patrol car, shouting “don’t f*****g move, guys!” at the group of six teens.

He demands they get down on their knees, and frisks one while pointing his gun towards the others.

So far the police department has refused to comment on the incident.


Cat Gets Buried, Shows up on Doorstep 5 Days Later


The Internet is obsessed with both zombies and cats.  So by that standard, we’ve just found the next biggest Internet celebrity.

52-year-old Ellis Hutson of Tampa, Florida had a cat named Bart, who was hit by a car earlier this month.  Ellis rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late . . . Bart was dead.  So Ellis gave him a quick funeral and buried him.

But five days later . . . Bart showed up at the house ALIVE.  Which means Bart is a ZOMBIE CAT.  That’s the theory we like most, anyway.

The second best theory is that Bart was just unconscious after the accident, woke up underground after he’d been buried, dug his way out of the grave, and wandered back home.

Bart was busted up pretty bad from the accident . . . so to add to his zombie vibe, he had scratches on his face and a dead eye.

Vets are treating him now and say they expect him to survive . . . but he’ll probably lose his eye.

Teacher Barred From Using Condom in Lesson Uses Sock Instead

A Mississippi law passed in 2012 restricted teachers from teaching condom use in sex ed classes. In response, educator and education reform advocate Sanford Johnson developed a simple (and pretty funny) workaround: Sock Education:

Whether you’re wearing an athletic shoe, or whether you’re using a dress shoe, it doesn’t matter to me as long as your foot is protected…. Make sure that you have on a sock.

Great workaround considering most guys become familiar with this concept using a sock alone in their bedroom anyway.