Metal Dude Farts Star Wars Imperial March


I can just see it happening now: Dude starts farting the first part of the theme and Vader is all like, “Impressive.”


…then he hits that high note and Vader’s all, “Most impressive!”

The fart is strong with this one.

Dude Catches His Best Friend’s Wife Cheating

Some guy recently caught his best friend’s wife cheating on him, and decided to confront her while RECORDING it.  Now the video’s up on YouTube.

It looks like she’s out at a club or something, sitting at a table with her leg draped over the guy.  Then the friend walks up and calmly asks what’s going on.  And she realizes she’s caught, so she just says, “Yep, you KNOW [what's] going on.”

Meanwhile, the guy she’s with tries to hide his face by putting his phone in front of it and turning the flash on.

What’s sad is people defending her on youtube!!