Billboard for Vag Rejuvenation Angers Local Mom

FOX 13 News

A mom in Florida is upset that there is a billboard for vaginal tightening near her kids’ school.

The ad is for a local cosmetic surgery center which is known for their shocking ads.

The woman is now fighting to have the ad taken down. She filed formal complaints with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the Department of Consumer Services.

Dog Loves Taking Herself to the Park, Rides the Bus


A two-year-old Black Labrador rides a bus, alone, and gets off at a dog park in Seattle.

Passengers said the dog walks down the aisle and sits in a seat just like a person would. The dog’s owner saidEclipse gets impatient if he is taking too long and gets on the bus herself.

He gets on the next bus and Eclipse is waiting for him at the dog park.

He has received several calls from people who believed the dog ran away.


‘Elders React to Kim Kardashian’s Tush’ [VIDEO]

The people who made sassy grandmas and grandpas watch the 50 Shades of Grey trailer have done it again. Of course, old people doing new things is never not funny, but this time, the Olds reacting to Kim Kardashian’s famous Paper magazine pictures wins.

“Holy cow,” remarks one old man. “Oh my god.”

Another grandpa says: “I like that one!” There is a general consensus among the grandpas that should they ever meet Kardashian, a closer look at her tush would have to be in order.

Though one old lady decides she wouldn’t drink the champagne that Kim is serving, she likes the statement of it all: “I love the fact that she’s proud of her body. I think that’s wonderful.”

Watch the video above.