Breaking Benjamin have now released their new song “Failure” after being on a 5 year hiatus.

In 2010, the band decided to split so singer Ben Burnley could focus on some health issues. The band also had some tension rise after dealing with court battles after a greatest hits album was released without Ben Burnley’s permission.

They now plan to release their new album Dark Before Down which is expected out on June 23.


A brand new comic book biography about Ozzy’s life is currently in the works. ‘Ozzy Osbourne: The Metal Madman”, created by Bluewater Productions will be released in both print and digital form later this week.
The comic was written by Michael L. Frizell and Jayfri Hashim with art by Hashim, and features a cover by famed horror artist Stefano Cardoselli.

‘Ozzy’s legacy is well known,’ said Frizell. ‘A lot of research went into creating the script. One misstep, and the fans will know! Jayfri and I wanted to respect that legend — and the fans — by giving them something both familiar and unexpected. Writing about real people is often difficult, and when it’s someone like Ozzy who’s made himself tough to define and is a mainstay in the tabloids, we are challenged to find new ways to tell that well-known story.’


In a new interview with Yahoo! Music, Adam Jones says the band has now put a very lengthy lawsuit behind them and hope to have their new album out by the end of the year. He said the band has one song done and 10 more in various states of completion.

For years, Tool have been involved in a lengthy lawsuit brought about by their own insurers that was stifling the band financially and creatively. However, after eight years and millions of dollars in legal fees, a new judge assigned to the case took the reins and pushed it towards a resolution and ultimately a settlement that sided in favor of Tool.

‘We moved over to a North L.A. courthouse and we had a brand-new judge, who was fantastic,’ Jones told Yahoo!

‘You know what his name was? Randy Rhodes! I knew the power of metal, and my appreciation of metal was someday going to be like a guardian angel.’

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Ahead of their April 14 release of their new album Into The Wild Life, Halestorm performed a new song live in the UK this week called “I Am the Fire.” The track starts with a slow, bluesy opening, and then quickly builds to a big chorus.

You can see Halestorm perform at Rockfest in KC on May 30 along with Rob Zombie, Anthrax, Volbeat and many more. Get tickets here.


On May 4, HBO will air Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, an intimate documentary about the life of Kurt Cobain. The film, produced by his daughter Frances, premiered at the 2015 Sundance film festival this year and features songs and performances by Nirvana (some never-before-heard), home movies, journals, photography and much more.

Take a look at the first trailer. It’s goosebumps-worthy.

New Career Spanning Led Zeppelin Concert Movie Coming in March

UPDATE: Here’s the new trailer for the film.

A new career-spanning Led Zeppelin concert movie event will be presented in to U.S. theaters on March 30.

Fathom is sponsoring the nearly two-hour big-screen presentation of live footage. Featured performances include songs from Led Zeppelin’s appearances in January 1970 at Royal Albert Hall in London, July 1973 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, May 1975 at Earl’s Court in London and August 1979 at England’s Knebworth Festival.

To find the nearest theater playing host to this latest edition of the Fathom Events Classic Music Series, click Buy Tickets and enter your zip code at the Fathom website.

Fathom Events has sponsored recent one-night-only theater premieres of concerts by the likes of Aerosmith and Hall and Oates, as well. This new Fathom event page features a Led Zeppelin logo, shown above, containing images from expanded reissues of the band’s first six albums.

Fathom also earlier oversaw presentations of Celebration Day during two October nights in 2012. That concert film commemorated the 2007 reunion of original members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, as they were joined by Jason Bonham for updates of 16 songs from Led Zeppelin’s celebrated discography at London’s O2 Arena.

Each of Led Zeppelin initial six studio efforts has been repackaged and expanded through an on-going campaign overseen by Jimmy Page, beginning with Led Zeppelin I last June. The most recent entry in this series, the 1975 double album Physical Graffiti, just arrived on Feb. 24.

Joe Elliott Confirms Def Leppard’s First New Album in Seven Years is Finished, Slated for 2015

Lead singer Joe Elliott has revealed that they are done recording the follow-up to 2008′s Songs from the Sparkle Lounge.

Opening up his radio show this week, Elliott said,

‘Yes, I do sound very jolly, don’t I?! I’m jolly because we have finished the new album. Yes, well, apart from the mixing of it. We have sung our last word, played our last solo, hit our last drum. It’s done!’

Towards the end of 2014, Elliott said that the new songs sound like

‘what Leppard should be doing at our age as well. It’s a bit more…I don’t wanna say ‘mature’ — that’s the worst word you could ever say. But it’s certainly not a childish record.’ He also added that

‘there’s a lot of cool stuff which is a lot more musical, if you like, and a lot more experimental, if you want, without being jazz or anything like that.’

Other than saying it will be out “later this year,” Elliott didn’t offer any details about when it will be available. However, last month he suggested that it will arrive when they have completed their upcoming tours. He told VH1 Radio’s Dave Basner that they were not going to perform any of their new songs yet because they didn’t want people to first hear them via “cheap, horrible versions on YouTube done on iPhones? No. No way.”

They will be going on tour with Styx and Tesla later this summer. Get tickets here for their show at The Starlight Theater in KC on August 11.