Iron Maiden to Release Limited Edition Trooper 666 Beer This Fall


Iron Maiden will release a limited edition beer called Trooper 666 on October 1st. The beer will have the same recipe as the band’s original Trooper beer but will have a higher alcohol by volume percentage. Trooper beer had 4.4% abv while Trooper 666 beer will have a 6.6% abv.

Pre-orders for the beer began earlier this month.

Trooper beer was released in 2013 and has sold over 10 million pints.

Girl Pulls Tooth Bow-N-Arrow Style in Slow-Mo


Welp. This girl is automatically more brave than I am. I remember each tooth I lost as a child being a harrowing ordeal. Many tears were shed, and there was blood everywhere. EVERYWHERE. My parents would suggest tying a string around my tooth, just yanking it real fast, and a bunch of other options. I waited until the teeth fell out on their own. Full of shame. – Dan

Godsmack’’s new album is in the can

Godsmack finished tracking their sixth album and apparently, we’ll see it late this year.

Sully Erna posted on Facebook: “We are officially DONE recording! And this record is BADASS! Haven’t been this excited in awhile! Hope you all love it! First single out soon!”

Last week, Erna said the band had laid down 15 songs and was in the process of “picking the best 10″ for the actual album.